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We value your demands based on our honesty and integrity.    ​​​​​​​


We believe that quality is our customers’ value. So, we are endeavoring to provide the best services.         ​​​​​​​


Being a top trading organization that offers top-notch services and works toward fostering prosperity.

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We as ELYANI Group proudly render a variety of services in a wide range of industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, machinery, and so forth. The most highlighted projects focus on ramped-up financial transactions, guarantee payments, import, export, custome clearance, documentation, and others to meet booming demand all over the world, including spare parts, petrochemical products, power plant equipment, and much more.​​​​​​​


Our strategy is to create different services to maximize the available infrastructure and attract international financial facilities and technology.​​​​​​​

​Our Services

Trading Services:
We are one of the few companies with a global presence and comprehensive coverage of products to supply the highest quality and the largest.

Financial Transaction:
We transfer funds to Local Authority bank accounts on a daily basis and provide remittance advice to ensure that payment amounts can easily be matched up against the applications received.

Trade Documentation:
Commercial document requirements vary from country to country, so even the seemingly simplest shipment can require dozens of forms and unexpected additional services. As a team with qualified and expert personnel, we desire to facilitate this complex procedure.
​​​​​​​Trade Sourcing:
One of the services we provide is sourcing, which is strategically selecting the appropriate services and products that a company needs for its operations.

Find a Trading Partner:
We are providing the best opportunity for those who want to enter the international trading market. We can build a relationship between a seller and a buyer.​​​​​​​

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Our standards and human resources have come up with some astonishing facts to create our business relationship with our partners. Another perspective comes from the trendy manner and technology we utilize to provide services to other countries.